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Wagoner series 2,my shark fin antenna, was missing a gasket on roof .After hand washing truck,I opened back door to dry.I got ton of water when fully open.
So, our Grand purchase has turned into a Grand pile of poo! Its currently sitting in my driveway dead. Won't start and won't take a jump. I wish I would've never purchased this vehicle for my wife because she wanted a Cadillac Escalade and I'm stuck having to try to justify this piece of crap to her! What a horrible decision!
My WS3 died in my driveway too! Couldn't jump. Barely got towed (see profile pic) *high five*
I'm with you! Jeep was trying to play in the luxury market and it failed big time. Extremely disappointing!
Had the same issue first week I owned it. Dealership updated amp software — problem solved.
Thanks for the ad to the group, am sure others have asked already, how does one go about checking status on vehicle in D1? GWS2 obsidian