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Start/Not Start


New member
I bought another Wagoneer(1988) yesterday. drove it home 2 hours - perfect! I noticed as I was getting close to home the amp gauge was low(around 10). So, when I parked, I immediately tried to start again and NOTHING. I went to bed thinking alternator or possibly starter. Got up next morning and popped hood, getting ready to jump it. Before hooking up cables, I tried to start it and it fired up. Went straight to AutoZone to ck battery and alternator and nothing from them I could use. Still the amp gauge is around 10 while driving.

Any ideas what the issue could be? I'm thinking loose ground wires, or something else simple. there's no way I could drive 2 hours if the alternator wasn't charging. Also, the battery is only 5 months. old.

Thanks in Advance.
Measure the DC voltage at the battery when the engine is not running. Should be 12-13 volts. Start the engine. Should go up to 13-14 volts if the alternator is working.