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Lesson not learned for eTorque Hemi


When the new 5th generation Ram 1500 first showed up on the Ram truck build & price website, all trim levels were available with both standard Hemi and eTorque Hemi engines. The take rate was too little for the eTorque engines, so the powers that be decided to make only the eTorque Hemi available for Ram's two top trim's--Limited and Longhorn. Sales for these two trims fell enough that the standard Hemi engine was once again made available and is still the standard engine for the Limited trim. This is why I will not consider a Wagoneer until the standard Hemi engine is available--I do not want a liquid cooled 48-volt battery pack inside the cabin with my family. Stellantis will sell many more Wagoneer's if the standard Hemi engine is made available. For those who want eTorque, make it a $199.00 option like on the Ram trucks.