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Is the max tow rating of 10,000 lbs with 4x4 important to you? Better check this thread!


I'm about to order a Series II 4x4 with the Heavy-Duty Trailer Tow Package. It is important to me that I get a four-wheel-drive model that can tow the max of 10,000 lbs. I have not found much information on this until I figured out you can download the 2022 Grand Wagoneer manual! I was not able to get the manual from but found several sites that have it posted. It looks pretty comprehensive and legit. I'm having to assume this is the final actual manual.

The only configuration, pages 201 & 202 Maximum Trailer Weight Ratings, that allows the 4x4 to tow the max 10,000 lbs in Series II is the 4x4 Series 2 with the 3.29 Axle Ratio. When you add the Heavy-Duty Trailer Tow Package ($1,495) on that lists an axle ratio of 3.92. I want to verify that the Series II 4x4 that I order with the Heavy-Duty Trailer Tow Package is capable of pulling the full 10,000 lbs and would like to know which axle ratio it will come with, the 3.92 or the 3.29?

I have a salesman that I believe to be pretty good and have asked him to get to the bottom of this. Most likely he will have to reach out to a national rep.

I will post what I find out.


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My dealer talked to the Service Manager and he thinks that the manual is a miss print. Everything they have says that the Heavy Duty Trailer tow package comes with the 3.92 axle ratio regardless of if you order 4x2 or 4x4. I will be crawling under the Wagoneer and checking the diff cover if my build ever does come in!


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I believe your sales rep is correct.
Makes sense that it is a 3.92 and not 3.29. I have the content build of the GW and it says 3.92. Also a 3.21 and a 3.29 axles are just to close for both numbers to be correct.