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GOBI racks have arrived!


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You must be younger than me, I’m just not active enough for a roof rack like that.

I’m not getting any younger, which is the reason I’m so intrigued by the droprack system. The idea of being able to put pretty much anything on the roof without killing myself is persuasive, and you can’t use droprack without a GOBI rack (well, you could, but wouldn’t be able to carry much).

The stock roof rack rails have a weight limit of 150 lbs. the max load on the GOBI increases it to 300lbs with a static weight of 800 lbs. The droprack system is 64 lbs.

We’re looking at some road trips this summer and it would be nice to be able to put some of the cargo on top so we can stretch out in the back and/or bring the dogs.

That rack also has a light setup so you could run KC lights across the top.


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Increases driving weight to 300 (over the 150lbs for standard cross bars) and static to 800 lbs. I love that the tailgate remains useful. 😍😍 Merry xmas to me?

This looks awesome! What's the difference between "Stealth" and "regular"? In the photographs on the website there's a pic of a Wagoneer with a spare tire on the rear door/ladder. Anyone know what equipment is required to do that? And subsequently, that license plate relocation requires some gadget as well. Gotta figure these things out!