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Wagoneer App Issues

Mike K

My Wagoneer III hasn't updated since I purchased the vehicle. The app says it has 85 miles on the odometer, when I now have 1050. Fuel and oil have never updated either. I can lock/ unlock/ start and find vehicle some aspects of the app do work. Just not sure I want to pay for it. My 2019 Ford Mustang GT has the same functionality, (that works well), and it is free.


Well-known member
Same issues here, we have the latest software from the dealer as of last week and the app for the phone still fails to get information from the vehicle. This combined with the lack of dealer support as they sold as concierge service and the lack of folding mirrors has us looking at something else, even if it means switching brands. A bunch of little items adds up to huge disappointment when you spend $80k+ on a vehicle. Jeep should be embarrassed how this roll out went.