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That Wagoneer better have a Hemi!


New member
Since this Jeep is based on the Ram 1500 chassis, and considering the size, this had better come with a Hemi! I'm sure at some point they'll want to put the hellcat in it, but they should also consider the 6.4 l is that would make a great upgrade! Glad to see the Grand Wagoneer back!


Mopar Guru
Staff member
We are hearing it will. The problem with stuffing a 6.4-liter from the Ram Heavy-Duty under the hood is that the intake is too big. However, a 392 HEMI from the Jeep Grand Cherokee should be an easy fit. So let's hope. Other than that, expect the 5.7-liter HEMI and its eTorque offering to be available at launch.


New member
Thanks scottie, I will try to make a blaster with kawa engine and look that you run more.
This is as you say, must try, but try to not throw talon.