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Stock GW3 tires - watch out in rain!


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I live in FL. It rains a lot, but our rods are mostly well draining. Drove to NC through GA last week and they were getting a monsoon. I cannot tell you how many times I hydroplaned doing 65 on theses tires (I slowed down to speed limit because it just became unsafe). Usually, I wait to swap my tires once they get 10k or so on them, but these suckers gotta go and soon. I’ve never had this much trouble on what should be all-seasons.

it does give me a good excuse to maybe go up a size (but prob not two. No rubby rubby). .


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On April 12, 2022, the same thing happened to me. I mention it also in "share your order status/progress starting at pg 22."
An excellent discussion followed by others and coolerbythelake found that Pirelli Shoes were the best.
As for me, before the end of the year, Patty gets new Pirelli shoes.


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Just curious if we all have same “stock” tires. My GW Series III came with Goodyear Eagle Touring.
As @Dahammer said, all of us have reported Badyear's as stock. I used Pirelli's on my last lux SUV, and all the truck/SUV owners in my family, in-laws included, run Pirelli now. Last longer than Michelin, hold the road in any weather better than others, and very quiet and smooth. Pardon the pun, but Pirelli is really on a roll in the past 5 years. I had been a Michelin guy for decades, they are still good tires just wear out way too fast anymore. Heck, @coolerbythelake got them put on by the Dealer BEFORE taking ownership, smart guy!
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I’m very pleased with my Pirellis. I made it a point to really accelerate hard (isn’t it funny the excuses we come up with to hear the 6.4L roar? 😂) in heavy rain and they stick like glue. My dealer said the stock Goodyears are garbage, confirming our suspicions. Reviews are pretty scathing on TireRack as well.