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Software Update: Side Power Steps issue


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Hi All,

I just got a call from WCS about a software upgrade (fix). The issue: if your battery is depleted, the side steps will only retract 1/2 way. They didn't say if they would drop 1/2 way however, I presume either situation, up or down, the side steps will stop halfway.

If your battery is depleted (no reference to what level), you shouldn't have enough to turn it over so driving away would be an issue anyway.

Since they are making it a software upgrade you have to go to the Dealership to get loaded, sounds like just a low level on the battery yet enough power to start the vehicle is the true issue.

The SW update is RSU22096. At least that is what was left on my voicemail. I'm calling the Dealership now to see how long it will take, etc. however I wanted to get this out to everyone ASAP. Hopefully you'll also get calls if warranted.