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Rear Seat Entertainment Update


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Hello everyone!

If your vehicle is equipped with the Rear Seat Entertainment system, we wanted to share an update towards resolving some of the concerns we've seen related to the error message when entering the Rear Seat App in the media tab. Per STAR Case S238A000004, an app-over-the-air update is expected to be deployed to the internal radio apps in early February, though timing may vary and is subject to change. Once the update is received, connected services will often not work or be intermittent as the radio syncs with the cloud so please allow up to 24 hours for all services to return.

As always, if you have any questions or additional concerns related to your vehicle, please feel free to send us a private message. We are always happy to help.


Jeep Cares


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How do we verify that this update was received? Is there a page in the UConnect where we can see the latest revision or something?