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Real World MPG

Mike K

Just took a 1800 mile road trip that was 90% highway. Travelled into the mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina. Over the entire trip, we averaged about 20.2 mpg. We have a Wagoneer Series 3 2WD. What sorts of mileage are others seeing either in the Wagoneer or GW? Is this indicative of what I should expect? I'm thinking that it would have been higher had I not been in the mountains and maintained a closer to the speed limit velocity while on the highway....



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I get consistently anywhere between 12-15 MPG on my Grand Wagoneer. Most of my driving is on back country roads, usually between 50 - 60 MPH. Yeah the environmentalists don’t like me but I don’t like them either 😂.

I went into this with eyes wide open. These vehicles are basically condo-shaped tanks. If there’s even the slightest expectation for semi-decent fuel economy this is not the vehicle for you.
I've had my Wagoneer S3 for 6 months - typical suburban driving plus frequent trips on the interstate to/from the airport. I've consistently gotten 16.9-17.7 mpg driving about 1000 miles per month. It's a great vehicle except for the d*amn entertainment system which always drops out and has to be rebooted.


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NYC/Suburban area, my average is 16 MPG with moderate traffic, and when traffic is non-existent, easily 20mpg.
Occasionally, I punch the accelerator topping off at 85mph on flat terrain for about 10 miles x 4. Patty easily eats 2 to 3 gallons.
I don't do that as often, only when I feel spunky.
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I have been getting about 20mpg on my long trips just cruising, but when I'm around town and 'enjoying' the HEMI (at the expense of Escalades and Navigators), well, let's say I am not getting close to that at all. At what price the smile on my face and thumbs up from those just whipped?


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