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GW Series III, silver, black interior, tow package, rear video, and interior protection package. I also have a VIN and am in 'D" status.
I am guessing June July as well. My gladiator took about 8 weeks from vin to delivery as well. It was a launch edition order at the beginning of the vehicle run as well. Albeit these are two different factories...


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Ordered ours last month, I haven't heard much since. GW III, red with black roof, black interior. Not much for options at that point. One question, the Wagoneer reservation site shows a Series III standard and Premium model, when the dealer was ordering, those options weren't there? Anyone else notice this? I get concerned because on the website, it changes the wheels and lower front fascia and adds tow hooks when you select the premium, and that's what I want.


If your order has not yet been scheduled for production, changes are allowed; once a vehicle has been scheduled no changes are allowed. Sold orders are not counted as part of a dealer's monthly allocation, so if your G.W. has already been scheduled, then I would think your dealer would be happy to have your original order on his lot for sale and order another for you.