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New Wagoneer S2 Central, IL


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Welcome to the world of Wagoneer ownership! They truly are fun to drive, a wonderful vehicle to take long trips anytime you want, and the biggest challenge I have is getting people to get OUT of my Passenger side seat (until I turn off the massage!). 😁

If you have anything you see or want to know about, the group on this forum are friendly, funny and even in the midst of addressing the first year challenges that any manufacturer deals with, will stay relatively calm and just drive for results from Stellantis. The WCS team can be very helpful as well, if you find an advisor who isn't, call in and get another one. They have the customer focus you'd want for most of them (as with anything, most, never all).

Again, Welcome!!!!


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Congratulations on getting your new ride; your new adventure is at your fingertips, gas pedal.
You will find this forum group Da Best in its class. Many folks are knowledgeable and offer advice when a question arises.
Here you will find information pertinent or not, funny stuff too, and what to watch out for or what this thing a bob does.
Enjoy and Happy Motoring.