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In-Line Six In Grand Wago(neer future)?


Ok, I know that was a cheesy subject line but we could all use some extra cheese from time to time, correct?

I have been reading all I can in regards to a new straight six cylinder engine making it's way to the Grand Wagoneer. If it does:

1. Will it be a supposed high output variant?
2. Will it be PHEV or a conventional gas only setup?
3. If PHEV are we talking 2 electric motors at the rear (one per rear wheel)?
4. If PHEV, will it have up to DC fast charge capability?
5. Will the straight six be available on the 2022 model year?

In addition to the questions above, please reply with any relevant information. Interested to see the GW with the latest tech available (under the hood).




That would be alright by me. Would be all over the inline six PHEV--once they hook it up with Hands-free Active Driving Assist. Obsidian in either gray or black.


Very interesting. Am curious to know--HO as in 525ish HP? And also wonder what the engine only hp might look like on the PHEV. While I'm at it, will PHEV straight 6 be transverse mounted feeding the front wheels with electric motors doing the paddling aft? Or will it be longitudinally mounted? If so, how will the PHEV be applied here? Electric motor per rear wheel (no glorious 3.92 rear end)? Super interested in this vehicle with the straight either way.

I'm not worried about the PHEV approach, I cut my PHEV teeth on my 2017 VOLVO XC90 T8; what an amazing vehicle. A front wheel drive straight 4 with electric motor at the rear wheels. The engine is supercharged (to eliminate low end turbo lag) and turbo-charged (to take care of top-in functions). When it's coasting along the highway, it relies on its unblown abilities to cover.

Gotta say, I am getting a lil' antsy waiting. The Cadillac Escalade is starting to warm up to me more and more.