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Howdy from Northeast Tennessee . . .


New member
Greetings . . . from a NE Tennessee codger who has had a long affair with various jeeps. Started in the late '60's with a CJ-5 which was my introduction to weekend fun in a jeep. Still remember the cloth top which had gaps you could literally throw a cat through. The only amenity on the CJ-5 was a good heater, but you just could not heat the whole outdoors. On a cold day the drive to work was invigorating to say the least. Must have been tougher back then . . .;)

Recent jeeps include a 2018 Moab with literally all of the extras. 2018Moab (2).jpg

Enjoyed owning it but then along comes the 2020 Gladiator and I had to give it a try. Have to say it's a solid vehicle and the Rubicon trim package makes it a tough little truck.


So now we're tempted with a new version of the Jeep Wagoneer (or Grand Wagoneer). And I've a lot of research ahead of me.

Looking forward to it!!