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I recently purchased a super clean 1988 "puff yellow" Wagoneer for my wife. I am not mechanically inclined, but I'm always asking questions and work along side my mechanic when working on the truck.

we recently swapped out the original engine, and put in a re-built engine from a 1990 Wagoneer. My mechanic (who works for my Landscape Company) is an old school soul from Colombia. Anyway, after we swapped the engine, we also swapped the carb which came with the 1998 I purchased (the previous seller put in a new one). Since it was new, I figured why not.

the issue we have, when we started for the first time, the engine runs super rich, and some of the vacuum lines are not connected. My mechanic is insisting its NOT the vacuum lines.

I just want to get the Wagoneer to be a daily driver for my wife.

is it worth the investment to convert to Fuel Injection? and not worry about the Carb?

any info from you guys would be extremely helpful,

thank you,