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Fitting 35s


New member
how much lift do I need to fit

Just kidding about fitting 35s, I figured I would be the first since no proper jeep forum is without a tire size question.

I am in Charlotte and I am waiting for a black on black series 3 Grand Wagoneer. Hoping to use this as a business, family, and tow vehicle for my Jeep TJ.

I am excited to get this Wagoneer. My family used to have a 1983 grand Wagoneer. It was one of the most expensive luxury SUVs at the time at a whopping 17,000 dollars.


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The difference in clearance (half the height difference) between the stock wheels and 35" is 1.6" looking at the vehicle you can fit this without any lift with the correct rim offset. In any case as soon as I get my Obsidian, I'll install 25" and post pictures :cool:
I also have a 1991 final year Grand Wagoneer and love it.