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Competitive remarks


New member
Hello forum members,

It has been long past decades that Jeep hasn't presented a Grand Wagoneer series 2 for a minute, and in true reflection I still believe that it is overpriced in comparison to its competitors foreign and domestic. I don't think for a second that the wagoneer series 2 doesn't deserve the high end luxury destination & entitlement in the contrary, but for K 110 green bills Mopar Jeep should have quoted this vehicle for K 30 less as a domestic vehicle, even with 23 hi fidelity sound speakers and a outlandish towing capacity, let's take for example a fully luxury loaded Land Rover Range Rover LWB autobiography ultimate edition for K140 bills will outclass and out refine the wagoneer by a far stretch along with a state of the art second to none off road capabilities leaving its competitors in the rearview mirror. So in summary, the wagoneer being a much heavier vehicle will little chance against the L R competitor. It needs to be more affordable.
I think it also goes with other models. Currently, Jeep doesn't have a reputation for its quality anymore unlike years and years ago and it's sad.