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Alarm goes off constantly


Active member
Does anyone else have this issue? I'll park, walk in somewhere and minutes later I hear my alarm going off. It's happened many times now, and I've verified it isn't me pushing the button in my pocket it went off yesterday with the key sitting on my desk untouched.


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I’ve experienced the exact same thing multiple times and it’s typically when I park in a shopping area or place where there is plenty of foot traffic however, never at my residence where there is no foot traffic. I‘ve called the Wagoneer Concierge and they have no answers. The one recommendation I received was to reset the Uconnect system which I have not done. My GWS3 is due for its initial oil change so I’ll have the dealer check it.


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I hate car alarms, is there a way to disable it completely in the settings? Will be the first thing I look for when I get mine.