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Air Conditioning...or lack thereof


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Anyone else feel like the air conditioning is inadequate? The air conditioning seems to push lukewarm air for the first 10-15m of each journey, the air conditioned seats do not put out much air at all, can barely even tell they are on when on high.


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Agree with @FamilyTruckster , AC works fine, seats are really poor. I did get Chrystalline 50 tinting all around (except windshield, not legal here). Sure keeps the vehicle really nice, faster AC cooling time, don't feel the sun sting on my arm on long trips, so the seat thing isn't as rough as it was when I first picked up my GW. I have the global black interior too, so that tinting sure helps a LOT.


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Living in the south I was always told to roll the windows down the first few minutes after its been sitting a while. The super heated air is harder to cool, get some airflow in the vehicle and then roll the windows up and let the a/c do its job. Auto start can do it if you have 6-7 minutes to wait on it. Also, be sure the rear a/c is on, wife was complaining it took a long time to cool off. The rear was shut off