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    Dealership Pick Up Inspection Checklist

    Hey Folks, I’ve been trying to capture all the issues that have been observed by those of you kindly sharing the details and lucky enough already have their unit. I don’t expect having my build delivered anytime soon as I just ordered in on 12/30. Nevertheless, I’m trying to create a...
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    Center Console Cooler or Safe Option

    Hello, How does one select if the front center console in a GWSIII come with a cooler/refrigerator or a safe per snippet attached? I didn’t have this option when building mine on the website Jeep website. Does it come with both, can only one can be used at a time? If so, could the cooler be...
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    IIHS Crash Test Results

    Hello, Os there any information on when the IIHS is expected to publish safety data/test results on the Grand Wagoneer? Thanks