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  1. Wooshkey

    Headliner caving in......

    @DocSkip, Did they ever fix your headliner issue? If so are you happy with the repair? I'm picking up my Wagoneer SII on Monday, 12/6. I will be checking my headliner before signing papers! :)
  2. Wooshkey

    3 days with my new Wagoneer Series III - Initial Thoughts / Problems

    Wow! Now I'm impressed with how they are responding! Let us know how this turns out and I'm very sorry for your experience with the delivery.
  3. Wooshkey

    Share your order status/progress

    Well, I sort of hate to post this knowing how many of you ordered back in April or May and still have not received your vehicle, but things seem to be moving along pretty quickly for my build! I signed my build sheet and paid my $500 deposit on 10/7. I got a VIN on 10/11, and on 10/20 my...
  4. Wooshkey

    What is everyone paying?

    The sad thing is that they are probably getting the 18 to 20K over MSRP due to uninformed buyers. For them to stand firm with their markup tells me they are getting it! I'm sure it will sit on the lot just a bit before they find their sucker!
  5. Wooshkey

    Took delivery on Series III Wagoneer HELP PLEASE!

    I have an idea on how you can verify if you received the Series III Convenience group, in addition to the 360 Surround-View Camera it also comes with Drowsy Driver Detection. Traffic Sign Recognition. Parallel and Perpendicular Park-Assist with Stop. and the Intersection Collision Assist...
  6. Wooshkey

    Console storage bin to cooler swap

    I'll bet you drive a Wrangler! :) Just looking at what you are attempting makes me think you have been down the highly customized path before.
  7. Wooshkey

    Took delivery on Series III Wagoneer HELP PLEASE!

    Please report back on... What the source of the problem turns out to be with your sunroof. Hopefully, it is just a fuse. What the resolution is to the alarm unexpectedly going off. Best of luck.
  8. Wooshkey

    Took delivery on Series III Wagoneer HELP PLEASE!

    The Wagoneer series III gets the 360 camera and 2nd-row manual window shades with the Convenience Group Package. Most likely your Series III has the Premium Group without the Convenience Group. It's also interesting to note that the Premium Group and Cnvenience Group are completely different...
  9. Wooshkey

    3 days with my new Wagoneer Series III - Initial Thoughts / Problems

    The floor console is correct but the description is terrible, it is really floor cup holders. Someone else on the forum was asking about the power-folding mirrors. I guess you confirmed it, they are not there, at least on the Series III. I would be interested in your thoughts on the...
  10. Wooshkey

    2022 Ford Expedition Timberline reportedly starts at $68,385

    Very interesting numbers you posted RRB. I'm curious if members of this forum really see the 2022 Ford Expedition Timberline as a competitor to the Wagoneer. For me personally, when you sit in an Expedition and compare the interior and technology to the Wagoneer, which I have done, granted a...
  11. Wooshkey

    Just bought a 22 Wagoneer Series 3 and happy to find a forum about these impressive SUV's. Pic attached.

    Hmm, that is a good question. I test drove a Series III recently and had to adjust the mirrors to drive it using the joystick and don't recall seeing a button to flip them in. There were a ton of buttons so I could have easily overlooked it! I cannot imagine it not having the Power folding...
  12. Wooshkey

    GW3 May order

    Thanks for the phone number and code information. So my wife and I actually drove a Wagoneer Series III today! I'm in Keller, TX and I have been tracking the Wagoneers that show as In Transit online. My local dealer got two and still had one left. It was Black on Black 4x4 and loaded with...
  13. Wooshkey

    GW3 May order

    I ordered my Wagoneer Series II earlier this month so I'm way behind you guys. I did get my VIN but only know how to get updates by calling my salesman and having him check the computer. Is there a self-serve online site that I can use with my VIN to check my status? Does anyone know all of...
  14. Wooshkey

    Is the max tow rating of 10,000 lbs with 4x4 important to you? Better check this thread!

    My dealer talked to the Service Manager and he thinks that the manual is a miss print. Everything they have says that the Heavy Duty Trailer tow package comes with the 3.92 axle ratio regardless of if you order 4x2 or 4x4. I will be crawling under the Wagoneer and checking the diff cover if my...
  15. Wooshkey

    Build date pushed 2 MONTHS?

    That sucks regardless. Sorry to hear. I'm ordering my Black Series II (all options but the rear passenger displays) today. I was in a dealership, that I RAN away from and did not use (different story), and the salesman that seemed to know what he was talking about said one of the National...
  16. Wooshkey

    Is the max tow rating of 10,000 lbs with 4x4 important to you? Better check this thread!

    I'm about to order a Series II 4x4 with the Heavy-Duty Trailer Tow Package. It is important to me that I get a four-wheel-drive model that can tow the max of 10,000 lbs. I have not found much information on this until I figured out you can download the 2022 Grand Wagoneer manual! I was not...