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    Lesson not learned for eTorque Hemi

    When the new 5th generation Ram 1500 first showed up on the Ram truck build & price website, all trim levels were available with both standard Hemi and eTorque Hemi engines. The take rate was too little for the eTorque engines, so the powers that be decided to make only the eTorque Hemi...
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    Hybrid battery location?

    I have not seen any information about the location of the 5.7 Hemi 48-volt hybrid battery. The Ram 1500 truck with eTorque has the hybrid battery located behind the rear seat back and the Wrangler eTorque hybrid battery is on the outside near the rear axle. Where is this battery located for...
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    Wagoneer Trailhawk

    I am hoping a Trailhawk trim will be available for the Wagoneer, but if a sunroof is standard like on the Grand Cherokee Trailhawk then not interested; sunroofs should be optional on all trims or am I the only person who prefers a solid metal roof?