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  1. DocSkip

    Water leak from headliner

    Excited to hear! Good luck! #ditto - FB has become my focal place for information sharing for Wagoneer/GW
  2. DocSkip

    Wagoneer SR3 vibration at 75

    Hmmmmm #Following. I noted this week - similar "soft shmmy/vibration" at or above 70MPH - I have aftermarket 22" Fuel Vapor and Continental ATs. Will be going back for dealer (who installed) to review the balance - but will also keep this in mind (driveshaft).
  3. DocSkip

    Adjusted Market Value is a money grab......

    I ceased my buy back for this very reason. I called every lux dealer with ANYTHING in stock from Maine to FLA and NOT ONE - wanted to talk sticker price. This is a very interesting time we live. Brand loyalty used to mean alot to me. My lineage with FCA is long but its coming to a close...
  4. DocSkip


    Here the deal - we got sold a load of CRAP! Start with: (CEO) and then his assistants: Steve Stander Customer Care & Experience Office 586 274 8086 Mobile: 586 202 8727 This is beyond acceptable and a class action suit is likely...
  5. DocSkip

    Wrapping Grand Wagoneer

    Thanks @LERISI - for the PPF on top/chrome delete/A-Pillar + Tinting + Ceramic coating of entire car = $3200 total. New Continental AT's and Fuel Vapor 22's = $2500 total Still waiting on one more piece: rear lift gate letters in gloss black (backorder until May 2022). Lemme tell you - this gets...
  6. DocSkip

    Wrapping Grand Wagoneer

    I did PPF on roof and A-Pillar plus chrome delete and then XPEL Ceramic coating and all around tint to legal darkness. Its a game changer for sure. I call it "Project Obsidian wannabe." haaaa
  7. DocSkip

    Yes or no?

    DON'T HESITATE. Its still a great vehicle and ALL issues are being resolved. Apples and Oranges comparison! Not even close.
  8. DocSkip


    I know 22's will work (of course). I've seen many go with Voss 24"s.....without modification.
  9. DocSkip

    Air suspension motor grinding when lowering

    This is a new one for me. Keep us posted.
  10. DocSkip


    Send me a PM. Happy to opine. (word of the day)!
  11. DocSkip

    Drivetrain here.

    I'm back in shoppe today for this latest push and TSB. Still convinced that there has already been significant/lasting damage as a result of previous lockups. We'll see. I am keeping documentation on everything.
  12. DocSkip

    3 weeks in the shop.

    @KDK2564 - presumably you have STAR Cases for your issues opened, right? AND, you've initiated a ticket w/ @WagoneerCxSvc Have you initiated that conversation with @WagoneerCxSvc for buy back? @Stellantis has to be bleeding money at this point - I'm lowballing, but am certain at least a few...
  13. DocSkip

    Drivetrain here.

    Back to dealer tomorrow. When going in reverse, I'm back to having drivetrain issues that make you feel like you are stuck in 4L again. Tried cycling the 4WD system - but alas, NOPE. @WagoneerCxSvc - this is really trying my patience.
  14. DocSkip

    Randomly shut off while driving today

    Ugh. @FrenchCoast - this is a new issue I've not seen/read about. Please keep us tuned in to the issue/resolve. Please do make sure you open a case with @WagoneerCxSvc
  15. DocSkip

    Drivetrain here.

    Really dismayed by the lack of capabilities when calling @WagoneerCxSvc - I know they are trying - but the fact is, its a group of glorified note card readers who offer little/no value when the caller has a crisis that requires action. Window dressing is all it appears to be.
  16. DocSkip

    UConnect Reset

    Wish I knew definitively when that "push" was coming or when it has occurred.
  17. DocSkip

    Center console arm rest issue

    haven't heard or experienced this from others. Perhaps it needs adjusted?
  18. DocSkip

    UConnect Reset

    You may ask dealer to recalibrate your entire UConnect. I think thats the term my S/A used. I was having issues with Apple CarPlay staying connected. They did a calibration / hard reset and so far....voilla. No issues since.
  19. DocSkip

    Width with driver's side mirror retracted.

    Not to mention it takes you to that gas guzzling 9mpg 6.4L 😂😂. I was worried mine wouldn't fit in my standard bay garage. It does - with inches to spare with mirrors OUT.. I've got markers in the garage when backing in and don't even need to worry anymore - knowing I'll clear the mirrors...