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    Rear Entertainment

    Hi Tgifarms. Have you tried HandBrake to convert movies from m4v to mp4? I had to convert all of my mkv/m4v/avi movies to mp4 before the UConnect system would recognize the files, and it only seemed to work on the "rear" usb port under the front center screen. The USB...
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    Issues with the Wagoneer technology

    Same problems here. Apple Carplay is spotty at best. Everything just seems slow. Buttons are slow. Pages load slow. Touches are slow. I'm praying an update to the UConnect system comes soon and fixes a lot of these issues.
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    Randomly shut off while driving today

    I had the random shut off happen to me once. I was going slow so not really a big deal. Just thought it was odd. Hasn't happened since. Definitely quite a few bugs for the Wagoneer.
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    New Wagoneer from Wisconsin

    So far the wagoneer is great in the snow.
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    New Wagoneer from Wisconsin

    Thank you. I’m located in Green Bay. How about you?
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    New Wagoneer from Wisconsin

    Hi everyone. I just picked up my new 2022 Jeep Wagoneer Series III this week. Loving it so far. I had Tahoes and Suburbans in the past but never Jeep. The Wagoneer seems much nicer than GM's with more updated tech. Which apparently comes at a cost...I having some issues connect my iPhone to...