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    Randomly shut off while driving today

    To follow up with this. It spent a week in the shop. They didn’t find anything wrong but apparently told my husband it had a lot of software updates? They drove it around and waited for it to do the same issues which it didn’t and now I have it back. I don’t even feel safe driving it.
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    3 weeks in the shop.

    What’s the 1-1 swap? Exchanging for the same vehicle or something of the same price range? I’m also having issues so I’m curious.
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    Randomly shut off while driving today

    Who is the case person? Thank you? Someone in here?
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    Randomly shut off while driving today

    So Friday my power steering went then finally came back on, today while driving up to a stop light the air suspension started blinking then the whole car shut off while driving. I turned it back on and drove it to a parking lot and turned it off. Gave a few minutes, then drove it home. What the...
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    1 week review on traded 21 Tahoe High Country

    What crazy trade in offers did you get? I got a rock :(
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    Power steering issue

    Tonight it randomly went out. 1200 miles on it. Was super heavy to drive. Had to pull over into a parking spot. Then turned off the car and 2 minutes later it was fine. The park assist light was on too. Anyone else have this? It started on turning the car on.
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    Does anyone regret purchasing the grand wagoneer ?

    I actually liked my Yukon Denali a lot more. It felt higher up, I liked how it buzzed you to let you know where objects or cars, people were and not the loud beeping. I’ve barely driven it and it’s been 3 months. My husband loves it but it’s not my thing.
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    Console between captains chairs

    Yeah I didn’t even think of that. I just don’t want this giant console in the middle or a bench.
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    Console between captains chairs

    Any chance you could link those? Thanks
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    Console between captains chairs

    Is this removable in the Grand Wagoneer? Thanks.