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  1. Costa

    Ceramic coating thread in Exterior

    Hi, I've posted a new thread in Exterior asking about nano-ceramic coatings. Any/all insights on that thread appreciated, I thought it could fit in both Exterior and here, so I just picked one. 😊 Thank you!
  2. Costa

    Nano Ceramic coating suggestions?

    Hi all, Has anyone had the nano-ceramic treatment done to their W/GW, and if so, just window tint, full body treatment or ?? Additionally if you have had it done on any vehicle you own, do you have recommendations on type, primary places to apply or complete body/window? Thanks!
  3. Costa

    Are Wagoneer/Grand Wagoneer owners 'Allowed' to be DuckDuck Jeepers?

    I thought we might have a fun thread to go along with all the great information we post about our soon to arrive, or recently arrived Lux SUV. Let's have some fun, keep comments about the tradition(s) and enjoy ourselves now and again. Stellantis has gone to a lot of trouble to differentiate...
  4. Costa

    Home Screen Programable?

    I watched a video today reviewing the ability to get around in a large city, Chicago. One of the items the reviewer did was show how to build your own Home screen for the UConnect. I had not seen that in any online marketing material from Stellantis, and not in this forum. So nice to see I...