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  1. Costa

    Ceramic coating thread in Exterior

    Thank you, thought that would be the case. Appreciate the insights!!!
  2. Costa

    Steering wheel controls not working

    Now THAT is what we've all been expecting from the Wagoneer Commitment, fantastic! Extremely glad your ride is back now. Sounds like the Dealer had never hit this nor anyone in the Region so just it sounds more like a corner case situation than prevalent issue we should all watch for on our...
  3. Costa

    Installed Obsidian Badging

    Excellent to know, thanks!
  4. Costa

    Installed Obsidian Badging

    Ah, thought it might be along those lines... Just had me scratching my head (and not my ride) for a bit. 😁 Thanks!
  5. Costa

    Share your order status/progress

    Okay, I promised pictures of my ride, so here is the update and teaser... I'm getting a new outfit for the CWagon, full front PPF (Yes @LERISI you convinced me to go Xpel) along with the windshield and three sun roofs. Gold Package Ceramic Pro 9H for the entire vehicle and also going with...
  6. Costa

    Installed Obsidian Badging

    Question for you @FamilyTruckster : you mentioned using a whizzy wheel, how does that work with raised letters made of metal? I get the vinyl lettering, etc. that it removes. Wouldn't it rip the door/metal with raised letters? Maybe you found vinyl or tape under them? Not having ripped...
  7. Costa

    Ceramic coating thread in Exterior

    Has anyone had full PPF done to their ride? I'm curious about the badging challenge for the doors with the Wagoneer/Grand Wagoneer and American Flag items along with the raised letters on the liftgate. Wouldn't that be an issue for Detailers? Other badge issues I've read require ordering...
  8. Costa

    Issue with Center Console not starting when starting Car

    Hi, I know this was a while ago, I've since gotten my ride so I can comment. My issue is the smaller screen below the primary center one. You get the fan settings, I don't get that when I first start it up. It is jet black, and I've found I have to slowly put it into R, watch the screen...
  9. Costa

    Interior Screen Protection

    Any update on the Screen ProTech? Did it help with the dust magnet console screens? Having the piano black finish looks nice for about 2 minutes. You are right, they really are a haven for dust and fingerprints.
  10. Costa

    Possible Wiring Harness Mounting Defect Detected In Engine Compartment On Firewall. Reported And Waiting For Response.

    Okay @Dahammer , it's been 11 days and I'm just itching to hear how this has turned out. Any updates?
  11. Costa

    Steering wheel controls not working

    Hi @coolerbythelake, any update on this during the past week?
  12. Costa

    Nano Ceramic coating suggestions?

    Another question for the group who've had either Ceramic Coating, PPF or a hybrid, how did the shop handle all the raised lettering on the doors and liftgate? Wrap/coat around them, remove and put them back? Badging, etc. seems like it would be a real headache, I'm reading some places state...
  13. Costa

    Share your order status/progress

    That truly is irony. BTW, I don't understand that sentence about the forum in the first paragraph. Who would do such things? :unsure: Oh yeah, G R E G O R Y !!! :ROFLMAO: On a serious note, I do hope they find the issue fast so you can get back on the road enjoying your ride.
  14. Costa

    Nano Ceramic coating suggestions?

    Hi @LERISI just checking in on you and the family of 6 (yes I know that the dogs are family). 🙂 How has that ArmorAll treatment been holding up? I'm negotiating the ceramic coating, PPF and tinting bundle right now, wondering about the interior treatment. Most of my experience w/ArmorAll is...
  15. Costa

    Dealership Pick Up Inspection Checklist

    Updated list to include both Park Assist functions for testing.
  16. Costa

    Steering wheel controls not working

    @coolerbythelake Ditto Dahammer's comment, sounds like some intern was given the chance to try a fix, spun the wheel on the wall and threw a dart. It's been too long since I ripped a steering wheel off the shaft, what type of connectors are they using for the wiring harness to it these days...
  17. Costa

    AirPods disconnecting

    Most bluetooth systems have limits on how many paired devices they can manage, and even then I've found that limit isn't real, it is usually much less. Have a set of ear buds that are supposed to handle 7 paired devices. Yeah, right. Just three and it can't keep track. Hope your 'mobile'...
  18. Costa

    Electrical Glitch

    That is good that your vehicle is back and working properly. It is too bad they couldn't determine the real root cause. As you mentioned, they did do updates, that too would potentially wipe out logs, etc. and overwrite any possible bad code segments as well. Another mystery. So far no one...
  19. Costa

    Wagoneer App Issues

    Hi, has anyone else seen the Software Update button in UConnect? I have been playing around with the UConnect widget options and found a Software Update button. Haven't tried it yet, thought I'd reach out to see if anyone else has found it or not. I will go through the steps if needed and put...
  20. Costa

    Steering wheel controls not working

    Excellent update, and frankly it is good to start seeing loaners, and the same type is a good start! As for the steering lights, I'm staying tuned to see what happens. Thanks for keeping us up to speed at each step along the way.