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    Oil Change on a GWS3 with 6.4 Liter Engine

    In my series three GW the Oil Change calculator seems to be a 1% change for every 70 miles.
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    Grand Wagoneer slush mats.

    Yes the slush mats are available. I purchased my Wagoneer in February and shortly after purchased the mats through my dealership parts department. Here is Part Number 82216314AC .
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    Wagoneer lifts up after unhitching trailer

    Did correct itself? Was engine on or off when trailer was disconnected? How much was the tongue weight on the hitch? More information might solicit answers.
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    Liftgate Water Collection/draining

    This thread is getting close to running off the rails. There is no leak here….at least not in my case. It is just how water sits around the tailgate window after washing or a rain( speculating on the rain cause we haven’t had much here😀). I suspect that if you didn’t open the tailgate right away...
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    Liftgate Water Collection/draining

    Seen this, as well, but have not noticed any leakage into the interior. Other than a nuisance, hopefully it is not entering the hatch interior where it could cause corrosion issues.
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    Wiper blade replacement

    You may want to check out this video. For your info only, I am not endorsing any brand.
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    Client services claim they cant guarantee the Wagoneer can be fixed

    What Dahammer said! Put them on notice ASAP, get a good Lemon Law Lawyer.
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    No Problems, Lack of Interest, Low Participation ?

    Thanks for the post. I guess I forgot about the possibility of a FB group. I would like to be able to view that group, but can't make myself rejoin FB. I closed my account over a year ago and don't regret it. I was addicted to it, took up too much time and kept me stirred up.
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    No Problems, Lack of Interest, Low Participation ?

    An observation. Having experienced a new model truck early in release, 2019 Ram 1500, there were a lot of issues early on (based on reports on a sister forum). So far, based on this forum the Wagoneer/Grand Wagoneer seem to have relatively few "new model" issues. What do you think? Could it be...
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    Air Conditioning...or lack thereof

    Live in hot, hot Texas. Have not noticed any issues. Set in Auto, 72-74, works like a champ.
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    Wagoneer 10 customer promis is empty

    Please share name of “poor” dealer so others can avoid.
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    Stock GW3 tires - watch out in rain!

    Just curious if we all have same “stock” tires. My GW Series III came with Goodyear Eagle Touring.
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    Possible Wiring Harness Mounting Defect Detected In Engine Compartment On Firewall. Reported And Waiting For Response.

    Okay, I am sorry, but after re-reading this thread, I have to admit I am a little lost. What specific issue will you be reporting to the NHTSA? The cable tray, the battery drain issues, or what? Thanks
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    Our Wagoneer Experience

    Curious what state you live in and what does your attorney say in regard to Stellantis offer? It seem logical, that as long as the vehicle has been out of service and the seriousness of the problem you have that Stellantis would be agreeable to a total buyout or a new vehicle. Also in regard to...