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    Wagoneer App Issues

    Happened for me over the weekend of 7/16-7/17...congrats to somebody for getting this done. Works pretty well right now. Can they fix the signal dropff between Apple CarPlay and the entertainment system now?
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    Why No Power Mirrors on Wagoneers II & III ????

    Same with me on my Wagoneer S3 leased in January...rolled up to my single garage and couldn't believe it. When I'm asked on the street about the vehicle, it's the one thing that I tell people. Stupid, stupid, stupid. And who woud pay the $20K upcharge on the GW for what Jeep views as a luxury...
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    Real World MPG

    I've had my Wagoneer S3 for 6 months - typical suburban driving plus frequent trips on the interstate to/from the airport. I've consistently gotten 16.9-17.7 mpg driving about 1000 miles per month. It's a great vehicle except for the d*amn entertainment system which always drops out and has to...
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    Issues with the Wagoneer technology

    Couldn’t agree more with Bartlem! Struggled with issues like this on my Jaguar iPace until I finally ditched the vehicle for a MB GLE. Jeep desperately needs to acknowledge software issues and prepare us for an OTA. Communication is essential. Really can’t understand the loss of CarPlay signals...
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    Speed Limit-Heads up Display

    Display is way too small and not bright enough. Setting what is displayed is awkward at best.
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    Greetings from Fort Worth, TX - home of "1883"!

    Picked up my black Wagoneer Level III a week ago. Really impressed by acceleration, ride comfort, visibility, ease of CarPlay use, access, etc. Only "complaint" is random loss of CarPlay connection - explained by the dealer as a signal loss between the phone and the entertainment system...ugh...